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We are Storytellers, Dreamers, Dancers and Creative Enthusiasts, who believe in the magic of movement.

Nikki Mae

Nikki Mae is a movement artist, educator, and massage therapist living on the unceded occupied territories of the Coast Salish Nations. Movement both liberates and enthralls Nikki in all its different forms and she recognizes it as a way to empower and connect to herself and her community. From her hometown in Calgary AB to her current home in Vancouver BC Nikki’s studies include a wide variety of different modalities including Waacking/Punking, Fusion Bellydance and Raqs Sharqi, Contemporary, Jazz and Cirque. Her performance style elegantly blends her love for the modalities she studies, seamlessly weaving them together in a unique expression of her lived experiences.

In 2013, Nikki Mae founded Omnika In Motion, a multi-disciplinary performance group in Vancouver B. Since its inception Omnika has performed at world renowned festivals and events across Canada such as Fringe Festival, Shambhala, and Basscoast, and has featured numerous dancers, circus artists, and costume designers. From inception to presentation, every member’s voice and vision is valued.

In 2017, after eight years of dedicated study and performance with the Luciterra School Of Dance, Nikki Mae began as an instructor at the Luciterra School Of Dance where she now co-manages the school and production company with partner Maeghan Tuckey. As an instructor she explores with her students not only the movement vocabularies that inform her style but also the histories and current politics of the styles she blends. 

Nikki has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist in BC since 2010. Through her experience as an RMT, Nikki is passionate about helping her students to maintain a strong and healthy approach to their practice. In her signature class series, Balanced Body, Nikki teaches movers anatomy  and exercises in an easy to understand way and helps students to connect to their bodies and be empowered in their own self care journey.  Forever a student and lover of dance, Nikki is honoured to share her passion with you.

Androsia Wilde
Androsia Wilde [she/her] is the perfect tropical cocktail - a generous pour of burlesque's glitz and tease, splashed with the intoxicating and rhythmic flavours of The Bahamas. This Daughter of Starlight and Seafoam's performing journey spans over 3,000 miles- from the Island Paradise of her birth, to the Pacific Northwest she now calls 'home', and has taken her through the realms of alternative modeling, martial arts, immersive theatre, acting for television, and dance.

Androsia's performances are the epitome of Black Girl Magic and Joy, deftly combining her love of pop-culture with the personal pride in her Afro-Caribbean heritage - captivating and enthralling audiences alike with her dazzling smile, confident musicality, and grounding stage presence.  Since joining Omnika's ranks in 2017, she has shared her love of storytelling through movement to the group's creative process, collaborating on showcases and stage shows that delight and inspire their audience - most notably the troupe's first full-length theatrical event, 'Echoes'.

Off-stage, Androsia works to amplify the voices and presence of Black, Indigenous, and other Performers of Color in the community as an event producer, space facilitator, and instructor.
Maeghan Tuckey
Since an early age, Maeghan has been drawn to music and movement. Her dance journey began while growing up in Western Australia where she took classes in jazz, ballet, tap and acrobats. After moving to Canada in her early teens she continued her studies, expanding into contemporary, modern and lyrical dance styles. Forever curios about new dance disciplines and merging mediums, Maeghan started training as an adult in 2012 with Luciterra and was hooked! She was immediately attracted to the fusion dance style’s sharp isolations contrasted with soft, dreamy movement choreographed with innate musicality. In 2017 Maeghan was invited to join the Cast of Luciterra’s feature length show (i.m)position and performed in Vancouver’s Revolver Festival. Maeghan now teaches classes with Luciterra School Of Dance. There is such beauty in exploring, learning and expressing yourself through movement and she is honoured to share that with others.


Lola is a devoted performance artist based out of Vancouver BC. She is passionate in all forms of movement art, and is currently focused on dance and hula hoop. She travels in and around the Lower Mainland and Gulf Islands performing at festivals and unique events. Lola's creative style incorporates her love of dance, yoga, and a touch of spontaneous silliness. She draws inspiration from hip hop, jazz and dancehall styles to give her performances an added spice.
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