We are Storytellers, Dreamers, Dancers and Creative Enthusiasts,

                                            who believe in the magic of movement..

Nikki Mae
Nikki Mae’s love for dance was sparked at an early age  while watching her mother bellydance. In her early teens, Nikki enrolled in Egyptian Cabaret belly dance and Flamenco classes in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta. At 19 she moved to Vancouver, BC to study Massage Therapy and deepen her understanding of movement in the human body. Nikki quickly found Vancouver’s thriving electronic music scene which is where she discovered Fusion belly dance. Enthralled by the strong and isolated control of the body which gave a visceral translation of the music in a way so familiar to the style she grew up with, she was immediately hooked. She enrolled in the Luciterra School of Dance in 2010 where her passion for dance was re-ignited. Nikki has jumped on every opportunity to deepen her understanding of dance and learn new movements that she can incorporate into this style.  Flying through the air was a long time fantasy which became reality when she started training in aerial arts in 2014 with aerial hammock being her main interest. As an RMT Nikki is constantly amazed by the diversity and capabilities of the human form. Now as an Instructor at the Luciterra Scool of Dance, Nikki is dedicated to helping her students discover their own unique movements of expression. Forever a student of dance, she is honoured to bring her passion onto the stage to share with you.

Korra dances somewhere between the realms of earth and sky. As a young child she was enthralled with fairytales, fantasy, and ballerinas. Her upbringing was enveloped in movement in the forms of gymnastics, jazz, ballet, and theater. In 2012 she began training in aerial arts, primarily focused on lyra, with a side helping of trapeze and acrobatics. Recently she has been refining her dance technique by studying with Luciterra School of Dance. These elements merge to create a energetic style, combining fluidity and sharp punctuation- always energetic and theatrically expressive.

Korra seeks to examine the human experience, using dance as a vessel to tell archetypal stories. Through these she connects deeply with her audience, finding strength in vulnerability.

Soma is her name and dancing is her game. Coming out of suburban Toronto, cultural diversity is what fed her roots to grow deep in movement arts. Transmuting discomfort into fun and lightheartedness is what inspires her every move through life. Drawing on her background of ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, modern, and martial arts, if you are lucky enough to find Soma on the dancefloor, she will deliver your feasting eyes and soul an elegant expression of the music with an unmistakable sauciness.


Androsia Wilde
Androsia Wilde was born a Daughter of Seafoam and Starlight, with a sparkle in her eye and  love of dance pulsing deep in her blood.  A performing journey that spans over 3,000 miles- from the Island Paradise of her birth, to the Pacific Northwest she now calls 'home'- has taken Androsia though the worlds of ballet, theaters​, traditional karate, African dance and even burlesque… combining into a style that is focused, sensual, and impossible to ignore.  Whether it be through the glitz and tease of her performances alongside Vancouver’ nerdlesque troupe Geekenders, or simply following the intoxicating rhythm of her African-Caribbean heritage, to say Androsia ‘lives to perform’ is a massive understatement.  She looks forward to testing the boundaries of her craft even further as a newly-minted ‘Omnikin’.
Esther Harty
Esther Harty (previously known as Theo Anuk) is a Vancouver-based fusion dancer/performer. With 10 years of extensive training in dance- mostly rooted in different styles that fall under what is called belly dance- Esther has strong stage presence and her style is sharp, fluid and indefinable by nature. Hailing from Brazil, in the year 2012 she relocated to BC, where she started learning from Luciterra. The community created around this troupe and the Luciterra School of Dance gifted her with many friends, opportunities and professional and personal growth- this is how she came to be connected with Omnika In Motion. Esther Harty’s dance is enhanced by her love of music- she thrives in interpreting musical subtleties through her body for the audiences.
Since an early age, Maeghan has been drawn to music and movement. Her dance journey began while growing up in Western Australia where she took classes in jazz, ballet, tap and acrobats. After moving to Canada in her early teens she continued her studies, expanding into contemporary, modern and lyrical dance styles. Forever curios about new dance disciplines and merging mediums, Maeghan started training as an adult in 2012 with Luciterra and was hooked! She was immediately attracted to the fusion dance style’s sharp isolations contrasted with soft, dreamy movement choreographed with innate musicality. In 2017 Maeghan was invited to join the Cast of Luciterra’s feature length show (i.m)position and performed in Vancouver’s Revolver Festival. Maeghan now teaches classes with Luciterra School Of Dance. There is such beauty in exploring, learning and expressing yourself through movement and she is honoured to share that with others.


Maeghan Tuckey
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Lola is a devoted performance artist based out of Vancouver BC. She is passionate in all forms of movement art, and is currently focused on dance and hula hoop. She travels in and around the Lower Mainland and Gulf Islands performing at festivals and unique events. Lola's creative style incorporates her love of dance, yoga, and a touch of spontaneous silliness. She draws inspiration from hip hop, jazz and dancehall styles to give her performances an added spice.


Ayesha traveled the world for seven years in search of herself. What she found was a way to directly connect with her true nature, no matter where she was. Her life changed during a jungle dance experience in Costa Rica. She opened herself to life force energy that night in the trees and felt it pulsate through her. She realized that dance had been the thread of connection and expression that had run through her entire life. She returned to Vancouver to throw her whole being into the devotional and creative act of dance in all it’s beautiful expressions. Trained in fusion belly dance, contemporary, hip hop and dancehall, she believes growth in one area is growth in all areas, and that movement is medicine. Her goal is to express herself through movement in the most authentic and raw way possible. Dance is how she tends her fire, and it is also the flame. Ayesha aims to go deep in her dancing, in order to deeply meet herself.

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